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Readux is a repository-based Django web application for access to digitized books. Readux runs on Fedora Commons 3.8 and Django 1.8. Readux provides search and browse access to all digitized books, citations that can be harvested with Zotero, the ability to send text to Voyant for analysis. For volumes with pages loaded, OCR text is provided as an invisible overlay on page images for selection and search. Logged in users can annotate text and image selections of page images, and can export an annotated volume as TEI or a standalone Jekyll website.

Documentation available at


This software is distributed under the Apache 2.0 License.



  • SQL database for administration, user accounts, collection banner images, and annotation storage
  • Fedora repository for access to digitized book content
  • Apache Solr for browse by collection, search across all volumes, and search within a single volume
  • IIIF image server for page image content; e.g. Loris

Software Dependencies


Models and views for access to collections, which are used to group digitized book content
Models and views for access to digizited book content; includes management commands for loading book covers and page content and generating page-level TEI facsimile
Django db models and views to provide an annotator-store backend; implements the Annotator Core Storage api.
Functionality for site content such as an about page, annotation and export documentation, credits. Content management based on FeinCMS.

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